Anakin’s Decision

The text typed below is roughly based on Star Wars but will primarily be fiction created by myself. Any specific information will be sourced from

This post is the last in the seven posts I’ve published about Anakin Skywalker. For those who haven’t been following on, I began this blog as a class project, but have since begun to thoroughly enjoy fleshing out Anakin’s character in my own individual way. I sincerely appreciate each and every person who has taken the time to read, like and/or comment on my blog. Thankyou!

We departed the ship; walking slowly as we fully realised our injuries. We had escaped Kashyyyk relatively safe but often, in the heat of battle, non-life-threatening injuries elude the mind of the individual.


We boarded a speeder headed for the Jedi Temple, ready to give our report to the Council. I looked at my master as we shot across the light Coruscant skyline. Obi-Wan looked exhausted. I always had utmost faith in my master, but lately he had been looking a little worse for wear. On the journey home, he had meditated alone in his quarters, and he certainly looked better than he had after the fight, but I was worried. Obi-Wan was still a relatively young Jedi, I thought he was around 26/27. He had been responsible for me for years now, since I was 9 years old, but it felt like I had just met him yesterday. Sometimes I wonder about the rule placed on Jedi that we can have no attachments. For a group that wishes for good in the world, why is love forbidden? I wondered if my master had ever been interested in someone. I knew that if I could ever love someone, I would love Padme. I had not seen her for some time because of our busy schedules, but I felt butterflies in my chest every time I saw her. I figured that she would eventually fall in love with someone important on Naboo; someone who could give her a life I know I never could.

During my thoughts, we had arrived at the Temple and I realised that Obi-Wan had called my name twice already. With a sigh, I walked down the exit pad and followed my master into my home.


We stood before the council; hands clasped behind our backs. Master Yoda’s sensitive ears quivered as Obi-Wan described the mission, and our findings. “It’s unusual that bounty hunters would be involved in matters of Wookies”, Master Windu said, stroking his chin, “They have little to offer other worlds”.
“Perhaps there is more to this than bounty hunters. I feel a clouding of the force I have not felt in many years”, Ki-Adi-Mundi stated.
The attending masters of the Council retreated into silence, but Yoda kept his gaze on me. I began to think of Padme and Yoda’s eyes felt like they were boring into my soul. I quickly tried to think of something else, blurting out “What’s our assignment now?”. Obi-Wan shot a stern look at me and then bowed his head. The masters returned from their musings and shared looks between themselves. It was Yoda who answered, saying “To rest, now you must. Too long you have been on the road now”.

With Obi-Wan, I bowed and then left, descending via the single turbolift that accessed the Jedi Council chambers. We reached the ground floor in silence and Obi-Wan turned to me, saying “Take some rest, Padawan. You have done very well the last few months”. I flushed with pride inside, before remembering to accept such compliments with humility. I bowed to my master and then headed off for my quarters, already planning in my head to meet with my fellow padawans.


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Return to Coruscant

The text typed below is roughly based on Star Wars but will primarily be fiction created by myself. Any specific information will be sourced from

This post begins as Anakin and Obi-Wan confront the bounty hunters responsible for the disappearance of several Wookies from a remote village on Kashyyyk.

The bounty hunters emerged from the trees, brandishing a variety of blasters, vibro-swords and even a sniper blast rifle. “Come back here you stupid furball…. Jedi?! What the hell are Jedi doing here?”, the Rodian bounty hunter leader said. We moved into fight position; I angled my lightsaber in a mirror of my master. “You will drop your weapons on the ground and surrender to republic justice”, Obi-Wan stated firmly. He had his no-nonsense Jedi face on; a perfect representative of the Jedi order. The bounty hunters glanced at each other nervously and after a nod from the Rodian, spread out, weapons raised. “Unlike most of our companions that you’ve come across, Jedi, “the Rodian spat, “We do not bow down to the Republic. We are independent!”. the Rodian fired his blaster and at the last minute, I managed to deflect it with my lightsaber. My reflexes were weakened from my injuries received from the ship crash, and I barely managed to block the second shot fired. I switched to standard lightsaber guard as the biggest bounty hunter swung a vibro-blade at me. I dodged to the left and spinning around, my lightsaber swung down and up, cutting him from hip to shoulder. The big Taung warrior snarled as he fell to the ground.

I glanced behind me and saw Obi-Wan had slain the Rodian leader and was currently duelling a human also armed with a vibro-sword. As I ran to assist my master, he feinted to the left then stabbed his lightsaber straight through the enemy’s heart, killing him instantly. We surveyed our surroundings; the panting Wookie propped up against a tree, and the bounty hunter sniper staring in horror at his fallen comrades. He made to flee, but I ran to the other side of him, my lightsaber extended. With an exasperated sigh, he dropped his rifle and unhooked his weapons belt.


We followed the Wookie along a well-worn forest trail, leading the captive bounty hunter along with us. As we walked, I went over the day’s events in my mind. Just this morning, I had been safe on a ship and now I had been involved in a crash, had to fight off a group of bounty hunters, and currently being led to a Wookie village, where apparently we would find a speeder that could take us to the capital city of Kashyyyk, Kachirho. I felt hollow though, after killing that Taung bounty hunter. The Jedi code allowed for self-defence and I knew that I wouldn’t be punished, but the death weighed on my mind. I had been raised as a slave on Tattooine. Had I been freed, I could have ended up a bounty hunter; enforcing the will of powerful crime bosses. My thoughts switched to the reasoning behind the captive Wookies. What did the bounty hunters have to gain from a few captive Wookies? I suspected that there was a plot afoot that I would have to keep my eyes on. After all, Obi-Wan was too busy to worry about things like this.


Within an hour, we had arrived at Kachirho, and we were boarding a Wookie ship, bound for Coruscant. We had important news to deliver to the Jedi Council on what had occurred. The bounty hunter had been given over to the Wookies for punishment, which I believed involved tearing arms off. As our ship launched into the air, I silently thanked the Force for allowing us to survive our crash and ultimately end up safe. The ship glided out of the outer atmosphere of Kashyyyk and shifted into lightspeed, heading for home.








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The text typed below is roughly based on Star Wars but will primarily be fiction created by myself. Any specific information will be sourced from

This post continues from the last post in the series, where Obi-Wan, Anakin, and the ship’s pilot have been in a horrific ship crash.

I opened my eyes, grimacing in pain.


The ship was a wreck; parts of durasteel were lying on top of me, trapping me under several hundred kilograms of weight. “Obi-Wan, are you okay?”, I asked, wincing as the steel put more pressure on my chest as I took a breath. A large durasteel pipe moved as Obi-Wan stirred from unconsciousness. I used the Force to telekinetically lift the steel off me. As I sat up and looked around, brushing the dust off my face, I surveyed the situation. The front of the ship had been ripped off, the inside of the ship now open to the thick Kashyyyk forests.

Obi-Wan was sitting up as well, but he had been sheltered by a curved durasteel sheet that had fallen favourably across him. The pilot, however, was dead. A sharpened durasteel pipe had gone straight through his chest, impaling him on the ship controls. “What are we to do now, Master?”, I questioned, beginning to collect supplies strewn around the ruined ship. Obi-Wan patted down his Jedi robes and glanced around. “We need to find who shot at us to start with… We’re on friendly terms with the Wookies; perhaps it’s linked to the disappearances that sent us here”, Obi-Wan stated. We both collected a backpack each from the emergency locker and stepped out into the Wookie homeworld’s forests, squaring our shoulders in preparation for the long journey we were about to embark upon.

A day had passed. We had been walking through forest for 16 hours straight; only stopping for short breaks to drink some fluids and munch on energy bars. Suddenly, my enhanced Force hearing picked up a slight rustling from close by. Drawing my lightsaber, I glanced at my master, who murmured “I heard it too”. Facing the sound with lightsabers drawn, we prepared for the unknown.

A dark figure emerged from between the trees, running hard. We raised our lightsabers to engage the enemy only to discover it was a young Wookie hunter. The Wookie quickly noticed us and held his hands up; shouting a long sentence in Wookie. I glanced at Obi-Wan for translation, as I had not been a Jedi when younglings went through language studies. Obi-Wan looked at me and explained, “Apparently our furry friend here is on the run from some nasty bounty hunters. He came across them hunting and saw the missing Wookies tied up”. The Wookie turned towards the way he had came and pointed to where we saw 4 figures sprinting between the trees. Obi-Wan and I raised our lightsabers to confront the enemies….


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Anakin and Obi-Wan


Mission to Kashyyyk

The text typed below is roughly based on Star Wars but will primarily be fiction created by myself. Any specific information will be sourced from

This will concern Anakin and Obi-Wan’s mission to Kashyyyk, and Anakin’s adventures during it.

Obi-Wan and I bowed our heads, and turned, leaving the darkened Jedi Council Chamber behind us. As we descended via the turbolift, I rubbed my temple and asked “Master, do we actually need to go to Kashyyyk?”, and as usual, Obi-Wan replied “We do as the Council commands, Anakin. You must learn to follow the will of the Council”. I grimaced and became silent, as I thought over the Council’s orders in my head. Yoda had ordered us to investigate a disturbance on the Wookiee homeworld of Kashyyk. According to a holovid sent by the Wookiee High Chieftain, Warsz, a remote village in the ancient Western forests of Kashyyyk, had had 4 of its hunters go missing. Warsz had assured the Jedi Council that all hunters were expert trackers and were more than comfortable in the dangerous forests of the West Region.

I was excited, though. Since building my lightsaber several weeks ago, I had only been on one diplomatic mission that had simply been a security run for a Toydarian politician. I knew that being a Jedi meant that I was sworn to uphold the peace and as Obi-Wan told me all the time, “Drawing your lightsaber should always be your last resort”. I just wanted to be able to demonstrate my new skills with a lightsaber; I had been studying the lightsaber techniques of Ataru and felt that I had become quite proficient.

First, we had to go our quarters and prepare. I quickly filled my pack with spare Jedi Robes, my cloak, and several books to read on the journey, belted on my utility belt, and headed for the main Jedi hangar. Obi-Wan was already there, typically, engaged in a conversation with the pilot that would be taking us there. The ship looked quite small, with the pilot’s seat up the front, and 4 passenger seats in the back. As we climbed in, the pilot explained to us that it would take about 6 hours to get to Kashyyyk using hyperspace, so we better make sure we have something to occupy ourselves. I had originally planned to just read a book, but I decided to do some quiet meditating. My thoughts of violence and anger of late had led me to become worried, and I wanted to quiet my mind.

I sat in the rear compartment and closed my eyes, letting my mind wander to the familiar areas of solitude that I relished in. I remember the words Yoda had told me when I had visited him a week ago about having nightmares, “Trust in your instincts, you must. Quiet you mind and focus on positivity, young padawan”. This advice had basically gone over my head at the time, but now, in the peace of my mind, they felt reassuring. I did have positive things in my life; Obi-Wan as a master, I still got to see Padme from time to time now that she had become Senator of Naboo, and I had a promising career in the Jedi Order. Things wouldn’t be so bad as long as I followed Yoda’s advice.

“We’re here”, a voice broke through my meditation: the pilot. I opened my eyes and looked out the window and was treated to a birds-eye view of the wild beauty of Kashyyyk. My gaze was disrupted as our ship jolted and the pilot yelled “Someone is shooting at us!”. I squinted through the window and noticed a lone figure hugging a tree, a high-powered scope blaster propped on their shoulder. A second shot hit our wing and the ship began to spiral down. As I began to panic, Obi-Wan’s reassuring hand gripped my shoulder, “Trust in the force and we will be fine”. The pilot tried to slow the descent with the reverse thrusters and our speed lessened. “Brace for impact”, came the call, and Obi-Wan and I focused on the force to protect ourselves and the pilot. A thundering crash and everything went black….

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Inside the Caves

The text typed below is roughly based on Star Wars but will primarily be fiction created by myself. Any specific information will be sourced from

This post highlights Anakin’s construction of a lightsaber.

I pressed forward, flanked by the 7 padawans and the two Jedi Masters. As we approached a large, impregnable ice wall, we stopped. “Use the force to break through the wall, you must”, Yoda explained, tapping his cane on the ground. As Ki-Adi-Mundi and Yoda stood back, the padawans and I walked forward and closed our eyes, focusing on the wall. As we concentrated, I heard cracking and splintering, and opening my eyes, looked up to see the ice crumbling off the wall. “Focus, young one.”Ki-Adi-Mundi said, causing me to close my eyes and concentrate once more.

With one loud crack, the wall collapsed to the ground amid a huge mound of snow and ice. Ki-Adi-Mundi and Yoda led the way into the dark cave, which lit up with hololight as we entered. We walked into a huge cavern that had hololights drilled into the roof. In the main cavern, there were several signs of civilisation: large, unused drilling machines, several pallets of undetermined supplies, and the remains of a metal building, overwhelmed with snow.

As we continued on, Yoda stated “This is the main cavern, yes. Find your crystal before the wall freezes over again, you must”. With that, the Jedi extended his claws, and the large inner ice wall crumbled and fell to the ground in a heavy crash. I shared a long look with the other padawans and then squared my shoulders, heading through the gaping hole in the wall with my classmates.

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The Journey to Ilum

The text typed below is roughly based on Star Wars but will primarily be fiction created by myself. Any specific information will be sourced from

This story takes place as Anakin journeys to Ilum to find a kyber crystal…

I stared out the holowalls of the new Republic light transport ship I was on.  Down below, snow fell heavily on the arctic plains of Ilum. Ilum was the home of the kyber crystal; the energy form that powered a Jedi’s lightsaber. I was really excited to craft my own lightsaber. Of course, I had used the training lightsabers that the Jedi Temple used to teach younglings, but I wanted my own. I wanted to be a real Jedi! I knew that the process of finding the right kyber crystal was difficult though; Obi-Wan had said as much about his own test years previously.

From what I had been told, we were meant to find a kyber crystal in the Crystal Caves of Ilum, and attune it to the force. I knew that the crystal meant for each of us would call out to us, through the force. There were 10 of us on this journey; 7 younglings, two Jedi Masters and I. The two Jedi Masters were none other than Ki-Adi-Mundi and Grand Master Yoda. From my first meeting with the diminutive Jedi Master, I had been afraid of Yoda; but this trip had calmed my fears. Earlier on the journey, I had been sitting at the front viewing platform, worrying about being the oldest Padawan on the journey when the small green master walked up to me and said “Worry not, about your age. Make a lightsaber, you will. I foresee it”. I looked at Yoda and asked “But I’m the oldest one here? Why isn’t Obi-Wan here?”. I’d found out previously that padawans generally made the trip to Ilum with their Jedi Master. “Obi-Wan, busy, he is. On an important mission, yes”. Yoda replied. Yoda attempted to smile reassuringly, and in fact, it worked. I felt my fears alleviate as I realised that the construction of my lightsaber would be overseen by the most powerful Jedi ever.

As I mused over these events, the Republic transport landed on a small platform near a huge building that I knew was to be our quarters for however long it took us to build our weapon. As we all stepped off the ramp into the heavy-falling snow, I realised that my Jedi journey was just beginning…

(Next post will involve Anakin’s construction of a lightsaber… Stay tuned!)

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My First Test

This post is my first post about Anakin Skywalker’s personal thoughts and experiences. This post and future ones will address Anakin’s life straight after the Phantom Menace events, and continue on to the Clone Wars.
The text typed below is roughly based on Star Wars but will primarily be fiction created by myself. Any specific information will be sourced from

I hope you enjoy.
This post begins in the aftermath of the Battle of Naboo…

I felt overwhelmed. I had just been told by Obi-Wan that I was going to become a Jedi, even though the Council had not agreed. I was reeling from Qui-Gon’s death; he had meant a lot to me in the short time I’d known him. I also missed by Mum. Qui-Gon had said he wasn’t able to get Watto to let her go, but I feel like something could have been done.

Obi-Wan tells me that he’ll train me, even though the green Jedi Master Yoda disagreed. I remember standing in front of them and answering questions, but having feelings of my mum whirling around my mind. Somehow, Yoda knew how I felt. The small Jedi Master’s senses were impressively keen, despite his diminutive size and advanced age. The other Jedi Masters had mainly kept silent, except the large dark man with the bald head. I found out later his name was Mace Windu, and he was one of the finest duelers in the Jedi Order.

Right now, I’m heading back to Coruscant with Obi-Wan, Yoda, Master Windu, and several other Jedi Masters and Knights to be formally inducted into the Jedi Order. I already have my braid; the symbol of a Jedi Padawan’s rank. I feel so different now; my whole existence has been affected since the day Qui Gon walked into Watto’s shop. I like that I’m being able to achieve my dream of travelling the galaxy but I really miss my mum. I wish there had been some way of her being able to come. Obi-Wan told me to forget about my mum and focus on my Jedi Training. I looked up some information on a holopad in my quarters on the ship we’re on; the Jedi’s code is “There is no emotion, there is peace. There is no ignorance, there is knowledge. There is no passion, there is serenity. There is no chaos, there is harmony. There is no death, there is the Force” (

The code seems stupid to me. It’s hard to imagine a life without any emotion. Is it against the Jedi Code to miss and love my mum? I know that the Jedi are not allowed families; I guess that I will get used to following this during my training. I trust Obi-Wan as a Master; he has been very kind to me. I am quite excited right now as when I return to the Temple, I will be meeting my fellow Padawans and beginning the creation of the famous Jedi weapon, a lightsaber.

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