The text typed below is roughly based on Star Wars but will primarily be fiction created by myself. Any specific information will be sourced from

This post continues from the last post in the series, where Obi-Wan, Anakin, and the ship’s pilot have been in a horrific ship crash.

I opened my eyes, grimacing in pain.


The ship was a wreck; parts of durasteel were lying on top of me, trapping me under several hundred kilograms of weight. “Obi-Wan, are you okay?”, I asked, wincing as the steel put more pressure on my chest as I took a breath. A large durasteel pipe moved as Obi-Wan stirred from unconsciousness. I used the Force to telekinetically lift the steel off me. As I sat up and looked around, brushing the dust off my face, I surveyed the situation. The front of the ship had been ripped off, the inside of the ship now open to the thick Kashyyyk forests.

Obi-Wan was sitting up as well, but he had been sheltered by a curved durasteel sheet that had fallen favourably across him. The pilot, however, was dead. A sharpened durasteel pipe had gone straight through his chest, impaling him on the ship controls. “What are we to do now, Master?”, I questioned, beginning to collect supplies strewn around the ruined ship. Obi-Wan patted down his Jedi robes and glanced around. “We need to find who shot at us to start with… We’re on friendly terms with the Wookies; perhaps it’s linked to the disappearances that sent us here”, Obi-Wan stated. We both collected a backpack each from the emergency locker and stepped out into the Wookie homeworld’s forests, squaring our shoulders in preparation for the long journey we were about to embark upon.

A day had passed. We had been walking through forest for 16 hours straight; only stopping for short breaks to drink some fluids and munch on energy bars. Suddenly, my enhanced Force hearing picked up a slight rustling from close by. Drawing my lightsaber, I glanced at my master, who murmured “I heard it too”. Facing the sound with lightsabers drawn, we prepared for the unknown.

A dark figure emerged from between the trees, running hard. We raised our lightsabers to engage the enemy only to discover it was a young Wookie hunter. The Wookie quickly noticed us and held his hands up; shouting a long sentence in Wookie. I glanced at Obi-Wan for translation, as I had not been a Jedi when younglings went through language studies. Obi-Wan looked at me and explained, “Apparently our furry friend here is on the run from some nasty bounty hunters. He came across them hunting and saw the missing Wookies tied up”. The Wookie turned towards the way he had came and pointed to where we saw 4 figures sprinting between the trees. Obi-Wan and I raised our lightsabers to confront the enemies….


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Anakin and Obi-Wan



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