Return to Coruscant

The text typed below is roughly based on Star Wars but will primarily be fiction created by myself. Any specific information will be sourced from

This post begins as Anakin and Obi-Wan confront the bounty hunters responsible for the disappearance of several Wookies from a remote village on Kashyyyk.

The bounty hunters emerged from the trees, brandishing a variety of blasters, vibro-swords and even a sniper blast rifle. “Come back here you stupid furball…. Jedi?! What the hell are Jedi doing here?”, the Rodian bounty hunter leader said. We moved into fight position; I angled my lightsaber in a mirror of my master. “You will drop your weapons on the ground and surrender to republic justice”, Obi-Wan stated firmly. He had his no-nonsense Jedi face on; a perfect representative of the Jedi order. The bounty hunters glanced at each other nervously and after a nod from the Rodian, spread out, weapons raised. “Unlike most of our companions that you’ve come across, Jedi, “the Rodian spat, “We do not bow down to the Republic. We are independent!”. the Rodian fired his blaster and at the last minute, I managed to deflect it with my lightsaber. My reflexes were weakened from my injuries received from the ship crash, and I barely managed to block the second shot fired. I switched to standard lightsaber guard as the biggest bounty hunter swung a vibro-blade at me. I dodged to the left and spinning around, my lightsaber swung down and up, cutting him from hip to shoulder. The big Taung warrior snarled as he fell to the ground.

I glanced behind me and saw Obi-Wan had slain the Rodian leader and was currently duelling a human also armed with a vibro-sword. As I ran to assist my master, he feinted to the left then stabbed his lightsaber straight through the enemy’s heart, killing him instantly. We surveyed our surroundings; the panting Wookie propped up against a tree, and the bounty hunter sniper staring in horror at his fallen comrades. He made to flee, but I ran to the other side of him, my lightsaber extended. With an exasperated sigh, he dropped his rifle and unhooked his weapons belt.


We followed the Wookie along a well-worn forest trail, leading the captive bounty hunter along with us. As we walked, I went over the day’s events in my mind. Just this morning, I had been safe on a ship and now I had been involved in a crash, had to fight off a group of bounty hunters, and currently being led to a Wookie village, where apparently we would find a speeder that could take us to the capital city of Kashyyyk, Kachirho. I felt hollow though, after killing that Taung bounty hunter. The Jedi code allowed for self-defence and I knew that I wouldn’t be punished, but the death weighed on my mind. I had been raised as a slave on Tattooine. Had I been freed, I could have ended up a bounty hunter; enforcing the will of powerful crime bosses. My thoughts switched to the reasoning behind the captive Wookies. What did the bounty hunters have to gain from a few captive Wookies? I suspected that there was a plot afoot that I would have to keep my eyes on. After all, Obi-Wan was too busy to worry about things like this.


Within an hour, we had arrived at Kachirho, and we were boarding a Wookie ship, bound for Coruscant. We had important news to deliver to the Jedi Council on what had occurred. The bounty hunter had been given over to the Wookies for punishment, which I believed involved tearing arms off. As our ship launched into the air, I silently thanked the Force for allowing us to survive our crash and ultimately end up safe. The ship glided out of the outer atmosphere of Kashyyyk and shifted into lightspeed, heading for home.








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Wookie village



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