The Journey to Ilum

The text typed below is roughly based on Star Wars but will primarily be fiction created by myself. Any specific information will be sourced from

This story takes place as Anakin journeys to Ilum to find a kyber crystal…

I stared out the holowalls of the new Republic light transport ship I was on.  Down below, snow fell heavily on the arctic plains of Ilum. Ilum was the home of the kyber crystal; the energy form that powered a Jedi’s lightsaber. I was really excited to craft my own lightsaber. Of course, I had used the training lightsabers that the Jedi Temple used to teach younglings, but I wanted my own. I wanted to be a real Jedi! I knew that the process of finding the right kyber crystal was difficult though; Obi-Wan had said as much about his own test years previously.

From what I had been told, we were meant to find a kyber crystal in the Crystal Caves of Ilum, and attune it to the force. I knew that the crystal meant for each of us would call out to us, through the force. There were 10 of us on this journey; 7 younglings, two Jedi Masters and I. The two Jedi Masters were none other than Ki-Adi-Mundi and Grand Master Yoda. From my first meeting with the diminutive Jedi Master, I had been afraid of Yoda; but this trip had calmed my fears. Earlier on the journey, I had been sitting at the front viewing platform, worrying about being the oldest Padawan on the journey when the small green master walked up to me and said “Worry not, about your age. Make a lightsaber, you will. I foresee it”. I looked at Yoda and asked “But I’m the oldest one here? Why isn’t Obi-Wan here?”. I’d found out previously that padawans generally made the trip to Ilum with their Jedi Master. “Obi-Wan, busy, he is. On an important mission, yes”. Yoda replied. Yoda attempted to smile reassuringly, and in fact, it worked. I felt my fears alleviate as I realised that the construction of my lightsaber would be overseen by the most powerful Jedi ever.

As I mused over these events, the Republic transport landed on a small platform near a huge building that I knew was to be our quarters for however long it took us to build our weapon. As we all stepped off the ramp into the heavy-falling snow, I realised that my Jedi journey was just beginning…

(Next post will involve Anakin’s construction of a lightsaber… Stay tuned!)

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